Aguacate Conservation and Development Committee (ACDC)



To conserve, protect and use natural resources in a sustainable way to improve the livelihood of the residents of Aguacate.


ACDC is committed to conservation and the sustainable use of the natural resources within the Aguacate community boundary, and in keeping with national requirements, it will  develop and promote selected sites as tourism attractions. It will motivate community members to diversify and create alternative income opportunities in order to improve their living conditions by supporting small businesses that can compete on the tourism market.


Aguacate Conservation and Development Committee; ACDC, is a Community- Base Organization registered in Belize in 2012. It consists of three groups; The Homestay Group, Guesthouse Group, and the Craft Group.

The Primary Objectives of ACDC are:

Ø Conservation and sustainable use of the natural resources found within Aguacate Village to ensure the continuous availability of these essential resources for the future generation.

Ø Identification, development and promotion of unique sites within the community as potential tourist attractions.


Ø Creation of new sustainable income generating opportunities through community-base eco-tourism for the improvement of the livelihood of the villagers.

Over the past several years, ACDC had successfully implemented numerous community projects including UNICEF Grant for primary school ( 2012 ), IDB Sustainable Tourism Project ( latrine project 2013), Inherit Grant Program (2014), and GEF- SGP Project 1 (2014).


Presently, ACDC is implementing its second GEF- SGP funded project entitled, Strengthening Indigenous Stewardship of Community Conserved Areas in Aguacate.”  Activities associated with this project include: completing the demarcation of the ICCA sites, demarcation of the village boundary, acquisition of materials and small equipment for the three groups, trip for primary school children, high school textbook scholarship, training in traditional craft, tour guide, ranger and capacity building.

Guesthouse Group

Consisted of eight families that provided accommodation and cultural foods to their guests.

Craft Group

Consisted of seven women who work together to make a variety of traditional craft for sale. They also provide demonstrations and training in craft making to youths and guests.

The demonstration for guests is $5 per person for one hour. These women provide demonstration in weaving, basketry, pottery and embroidery.

Finally, these women do catering in traditional and non –traditional food upon request.

What is Aguacate Homestay?

It is not tourism, but a mutual “cultural” exchange in which the visitor participate in the family daily activities. It is to exchange experiences; learn from each other. The visitor is treated as an extended family, an aunt, cousin uncle and etc.. not as anyone ‘special’. The visitor has no private guest room, but sleep in a hammock or foam mattress. The visitor bathes in the nearby creek, where the family bathes. Meals are not special but what the family eats everyday, which is corn tortillas with eggs, beans and hot pepper and occasionally game meat or local chicken. Visitors are expected to participate in family activities including making tortillas, washing in the creek and even going to a milpa (small crop field cleared from the forest). Most of the host families are tri-liqual English, Mopan and Qeqchi

Come experience life with a Qeqchi family and have fun. For more information contact Louis Cucul at (501) 633-9954, (501) 629-5846 (WhatsApp) or (501) 653-0756 or e- mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Louis checks all phones regularly.

Transportation is available Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, leaving Punta Gorda at 11:30 AM direct to Aguacate. Transportation leaves Aguacate back to Punta Gorda on the same days early in the morning around 6:00 AM


New Price effective for 2017 -US$10.00 per person per night plus US.90 cents for hotel tax. (BZ$20pp per night plus BZ$1.80 tax/pp)Meals - US$3.50 per person per meal. (BZ$8 per meal) Registration Fee - US$5 per person per village. (BZ$10 pp) A portion of the fee is dedicated for the village development fund and the village coordinator. The fee benefits the entire village. Groups of four or more are provided with a brief orientation on village life and expectations before going to the villages. Management Fee US$2.50 per person (groups only)(BZ$5pp)