Aguacate Village is a small Qeqchi-Maya community with a population of 380 people located in the highland of Toledo, about a 3 hour drive west from Punta Gorda, Belize.

It is blessed with an abundant flora and fauna along with caves and a sparkling river that is excellent for swimming. Its inhabitants are mostly subsistence farmers who toil the soils to produce food for their families. Aguacate R.C. School is an elementary school which opened its door sometime in the 1950’s with only one teacher and at present with five teachers.

The community is governed by the traditional Alcalde System and a village council who are actively involved in the planning and improvement of the community.

The homestay program, which began five years ago, not only assists families with an income but also serves as a culture exchange. The registration fee has contributed greatly to the success of the school. The school children wear traditional uniforms and practice traditional crafts in the school.

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